Kody M. California

Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration is an issue in the United States for many reasons. Changes need to be made before more damage is done to our country's economy.

I’m writing to address the issue of Illegal immigration from Mexico into the United States. Illegal immigration is a problem in the United States for many reasons. One main reason is economic disruption. The immigrants are taking jobs away from citizens who have lived here their whole lives. This issue needs your attention because we need to have economic and personal safety in this country and illegal immigrants are taking some of those privileges from us.

Did you know there are 12 million illegal immigrants in this country? And approximately 1 million are coming in each year. This is a major problem because so many people getting benefits from the government, which increases costs for the citizens.  On procon.com, it states,  ”So many people getting income benefits could be bad for the government and economy." This shows that illegal immigrants do have an effect on the economy even though it can sometimes be minimal.

So many immigrants are an issue to the economy, crime rate, taxes, and many more controversial things. All these things can affect the way people live. On greengarageblog.org, it states, for example, ”The issue on illegal immigration has been facing America for so many years and currently, there are more than 12 million illegal aliens in the United States, with a million entering the country as illegal immigrants on a yearly basis.” This means that within 20 years, 20 million more immigrants will be in this country if the rate stays the same.

In conclusion, I strongly recommend that the future president help to resolve this issue.  And by raising awareness,  you to can help put a stop to illegal immigration. Overall, I think this is one of the most important issues in this year’s presidential debate. Thank you for reading my essay on illegal immigration. I hope you can help take a stand and help stop illegal immigration.


Kody Minor

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