Dayanara Pennsylvania

Animal Abuse

animal abuse is a serious issue in the United States of America. it needs to be put to an end for good. this is for the safety of the animals all around the world.


Dear Future President,

There is a concern that I would to talk to talk to you about. As many years have gone on I have seen so many people abuse animals. I have come to a realization that it is unfair to abuse animals. The definition of animal abuse is when someone refuses to care and nurture the animal. Animal abuse is also called animal neglect. No body in the united states should ever be able to hurt any type of animal.

I believe in fairness for anyone. If animals are being hurt for no reason then it is not fair what so ever. No body should ever be hurt or shot to death. Its not a good thing to do. There are consequence++++nts to this action. This leads me to my second reason. You shouldn’t abuse animals because it is illegal and wrong. If you abuse an animal you will go to jail. It doesn't matter what kind of animal it is .from a street rat to a lion, none of the animals deserve to be treated as people has treated them. All animals are killed every year for fur coats and clothing. Animals are dyeing every day because of humans special needs. People should know that I care and that I love animals. I don’t like it when people hurt animals, what ever the reason is it doesn't need to be done or seen.

I believe in this statement and I would be grateful if you could help put an end to animal abuse in the united states of America. No one should be treated like animal's are.