Abdirahman M. Minnesota

Immigration reform

Why the U.S should increase immigration

Dear Next President,

Immigration reform should be unrestricted because the United States needs growth and jobs, immigration would improve economic growth and increase diversity. Therefore making us more money and helping us surpass other countries like Russia or China who we are in Competition with.

Immigration gives growth to America, making it bigger and better and a more diverse country than any other country. The Bipartisan policy center estimates that immigration would improve gross in our domestic products by 4.8 percent and productivity by 1.0 percent over 20 years. An article named Seven surprising ways immigration helps make a stronger America by The Huffington Post says “America is already rich in natural language resources, with approximately one out of every five people who live here speaking a language other than English at home the majority of that linguistic diversity is owed to immigrants who brought their languages here”. For example Spanish which is taught at schools here in the U.S, students who have known only one language have a chance to become bilingual and communicate with people who they otherwise could not. If it wasn't for immigrants that option for educated wouldn't not have been here and I think we should be thankful for that.

As for others who are against immigration reform they say that all immigrants are here illegal. Which is incorrect, “Despite the conventional wisdom that most immigrants are here to take American jobs illegally, 75% of immigrants arrived here through legal means. Of the 25% who are here illegally, 40% of them simply have expired visas.” Others argue that the U.S should control its borders which is true to keep out terrorists and bad people, but I don’t think that the problem is that we are letting in too much people but that we don’t do a good job of keeping out the wrong people.

Another benefit from immigration is it makes jobs for Americans. According to The Atlantic, “John McLaren of UVA and Gihoon Hong of Indiana, coauthors of the study, found that when looking specifically at non-tradable sectors, (which is the country’s industry sectors that puts out goods that are traded internationally) each new immigrant produced about 1.2 new jobs, most of which belong to native-born employers. Put more simply if 1,000 new immigrants were to move in, the local economy would end up gaining about 1,200 new jobs.” That’s about 200 more jobs available here in the U.S per 1,000 new immigrants allowed in the U.S.

Next President I think you should increase immigration reform to make our country better and give others who aren’t as fortunate as us americans a chance. I don’t think that it could be said better than when President Obama, at a naturalization ceremony held at the White House, said, “As a nation of immigrants, we must remember that generations of immigrants have helped lay the railroads and build our cities, pioneer new industries and fuel our Information Age, from Google to the iPhone.”

Sincerely, An American citizen                                                                                                                Abdirahman Mohamed

Central Sr high