Valeria V. Texas

Stop the Abuse on Animals

We should be treating animals the way we want to be treated. We become so ignorant and say "They're dogs they don't feel anything", but they have feelings just like us.

Dear Future President, some people say that dogs are a mans best friend, if so then why are people treating animals like garbage? Abusing animals is a problem that has been going on since who knows how long ago in the United States. How are we going to address the problem, lucky for you there are some solutions.

As the new President you can make the laws on animal abuse more strict. You can also build shelters not to get them adopted again and fall into the wrong hands but, to heal and teach them that not all humans are bad.

The laws on animal abuse right now are straight forward and have a costly fine and long imprisonment. The thing is that not enough people are taking this crime serious. Everyone needs to understand that the President is enforcing this law in order to stop this problem once and for all. The shelters that I mentioned earlier would really help us gain the animals trust again. Animals just want to feel loved and have a nice home. Is it really that hard for humans to give them that?

With closing this letter I hope that you will address this problem as soon as possible when you're in office. The animals really need you.

Sincerely, Valeria Villarreal

Galena Park High School

English II

English II students write about their concerns for the upcoming election.

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