Viviana V. California

Sexual Activity for Money must Cease

Women of your Country are not for Prostitution and might call this a "job" but is just not suitable for them

Dear Next President,

Although I'm a fourteen year old, I still believe that this world is unexpectedly worst than when it existed, especially the multiple problems occurring in our country. In fact, I am sure you are aware of this issue called "Modern Day Slavery". I do understand the concepts of the troubles, but today I would really appreciate to care about this serious situation that not only happens in this nation but around the world.

Every time there is a reunion with my family during the afternoon they always tell my twelve year old sister and I that we must be careful when we walk together after school. Our mother, whose responsible for teaching her kids not only manners but lessons that we have to face in the real world reminds us that we as women must value ourselves as a precious jewel not only to attract men with our physical appearance. 

I will never forget the tears and feelings of desperation of my friendly neighbor's family that I've known for seven years. We were like sisters and were the same age and usually spent the time drawing while my little sister spent the time riding the bike. Unfortunately, my neighbor was stolen by her aunt when she took her to the grocery store. The last time I've seen her was when she was walking with her to the car after we finished playing and the sweet smile she had, waving her hand for the last goodbye. Four months of her missing and searching from the police, her aunt was caught and there was no sign of my friend. Her only response was that she used her for money when she took her to taverns or nightclubs at age seven for sexual activity with adult men. The horrifying reality is that her parents felt betrayed, lost their hope, and the only child they had. I lost a friend, a real friend, and my trust.

How can we help out these parents, losing their innocent children? How can we ask women who give their body to men for ridiculous payments? I myself have overheard the worries of my neighbors. Sometimes when my family visits my grandpa in San Francisco we enjoy shopping in the mall. I will never forget the image of a woman who seemed to be wearing fancy clothing, smoking and asking for a date as a man walked by. Instead, I thought what bad decisions and drugs could lead your children to the future. And I am asking if you could do anything to help these women who know that it's illegal to do this kind of displeasure. In order to prevent this we should close clubs, pubs, taverns, and other clubs that have nothing to do with women inside during the night for entertainment. I thought that these positions are only for alcoholic drinks. Besides, they might call it a "job" but is just not suitable for females. There must be some kind of support like giving shelter to women and be able to provide them a suitable job so they are capable of maintaining themselves or head to school to study what in reality they really want to be. 

As I walk nearby those dangerous streets by myself, it's nearly impossible for me to forget what will happen next. All I have in mind is avoid getting kidnapped or sexually assaulted. I beg you Mr./Ms.President, prostitution is a serious complication and this is the only way we could possibly stop it. Please have mercy for these women and children of your country.

"With liberty and justice for all"

                                                                                                                       With all due respect,





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