Hailey K. Minnesota


Letter to the next leader of our country

Hailey Kohler

Dear President,

Legacy. Legacy is defined in the dictionary as an item, or thing that is passed on. Every president before you had a legacy. Lincoln had the emancipation proclamation, and Nixon unfortunately had the Watergate scandal, as you know. Every time a president, like yourself, goes into office, they leave behind a Legacy for the next president to pick up, it will be your choice if that legacy is a hefty one or remotely light. Now I have no power in what you will do, but I do have some opinions and suggestions.

Having this huge responsibility is like having too many items in the express lane at your local grocery store, everyone will be staring at you. Some may hate you for being so inconsiderate, yet some may praise you for your boldness. Having billions of eyes staring at you could be nerve-racking but keep your cool, and don’t lash out like many before you. Have respect to all, people kind of like that trait. Keep your morals in check but be considerate of the morals of all. Take time out of your busy schedule to be with your family and relax––the leader of a country can get pretty stressed, I assume.

Lastly I would like to present some issues I would like to see change in the perspective of a 17-year-old. Living the majority of my life in North Minneapolis I’ve witnessed major struggles and some triumphs. I would specifically would want change for the area. After the tornado of 2011 hit many people were homeless and living with relatives many people lost their house due to finances. Re-habilitating this area would benefit my state and my family. There are so many creative individuals living in this area that get caught up in the stereotypes of living in the ghettos, or because of the color of their skin. After the tornado of 2011 there has been an increase of poverty in the area and specifically blacks/african americans. According to the MN department of health there is around 35% african americans living in poverty right now, with that percentage climbing. A suggestion would be to raise minimum wage to a realistic amount, being 17 and getting ready for college money is at the center of my life. Working at a local pizza joint and getting paid the absolute minimum doesn’t cut it for me or my fellow coworkers. Some of my co-workers have children, and rent to pay and to see them struggle-- is depressing to me.

I wish you the best of luck for you and don’t forget that you will leave a legacy.

Sincerely, Hailey Kohler  

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