Vy L. California

The Cost of College

Lower College Tuition For Low Income Students

Dear Future President,

We are facing an issue which is the increase in college tuition. College tuition puts many students in debt. If this gets any worse, there will be fewer students able to continue with their educations. Many students are capable of finishing but most of them end up graduating with debt. We need to find a solution to make higher education more available to everyone. 

Since college tuition continues to rise, fewer high school graduates actually attend college. Without students attending college, there will be a significant decrease in doctors, teachers, and nurses in America. America is going to have a loss in important professionals because future professionals wonโ€™t be able to afford college. Because America is a country with unlimited opportunities, there should not be a limit with higher education due to high costs. 

I understand college needs to cost and professors should be paid, but the cost is unnecessarily high and could drop a significant amount without damage to anyone. I hope you can fix this situation by finding a way to lower tuition to help students, especially those without financial aid, so they could have the opportunity of getting a college education they deserve. 


Vy L. 

La Quinta High School

Nadeau Period 5

U.S. History

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