Johnny Iowa


Abortion should not be allowed, because it is taking a innocent life away that was never given a chance. Every baby is a gift from God.

Dear Future President,

Abortion is wrong because you're killing a baby that is innocent what is more innocent than a baby still inside the womb? Also there is another option other than aborting the baby: put it up for adoption. There are a lot of couples that are unable to have kids that want to have son or daughter.

First of all when do you think life begins at? Conception, 18 weeks, when they are born? The baby’s heart begins to beat at 3 to 4 weeks old. The babies will suck on their thumbs, yawn, and respond to sound at 9 weeks old. At ten weeks all the major organs are formed. When they baby is 12 weeks old they are able to wake up and fall asleep, start to form bone marrow, and kidneys begin to create urine. At 14 weeks of age the baby can feel pain.When the baby is 20 weeks old the baby can recognize their mother’s voice and studies show babies will recoil from pain. This is why abortion should be illegal. Also when someone kills a pregnant women they get charged with two accounts of murder, but when a woman aborts the baby it is allowed and permitted.

There are two options other than abortion if you don’t want to take care of a baby. First of all if you have an unplanned pregnancy you could put the baby up for adoption. There are a lot of couples that want to have kids but can’t. That baby could be someone's son or daughter. Seventy percent of abortions are because they don’t have enough money. When you put the baby up for adoption the people that adopt the baby will pay for the hospital expenses. Also if you don’t want to take care of a baby don’t put yourself at risk for having a baby. Sometimes babies are aborted because they will have health issues and they allow them to abort the baby; this is pure prejudice.

We solve way too many unplanned pregnancy by abortion. 1 abortion is 1 too many. In the USA alone 57+ million babies have been aborted. Half of women who had an abortion had aborted twice. Sixty one percent already have a kid at home and 75% abort their child because it would interfere with their school or work. 


Johnny B.