Katie G. Minnesota

College Tuition

College tuition needs to be made affordable for everyone.

Dear Future President,

College tuition continues to rise and gets harder to pay every year. Many students have to pay for college on their own and have to take loans out to pay for it. This will cause students to go into debt due to paying back their loans and the interests on the loans. Scholarships may help a little bit but they don’t do enough to support a student paying for college. 

I believe if college was more affordable more people would attend college. Having a higher level of education and earning a degree has become more important in order to obtain a secure job or career. It would also increase the amount of people who graduate. Students that come from a low-income background are less likely to graduate than students that come from a high-income background. High tuition causes students to drop out because they cannot afford to pay the costs. Overall, college tuition should be made more affordable for everyone in the U.S.