Mallory Iowa


Abortion is murder and should not be treated any differently.

Dear Future President,

Abortion, by definition, is the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, most often performed during the first 28 weeks of pregnancy. Abortion ends lives all around the world. It’s not something that has no effect. If we would make abortion illegal in even just our country, we could begin a world of change, saving one life at a time.

The whole argument on abortion is based on one question that some may find confusing, but is, in reality, very simple. The question is this: When does life begin? Life begins at the moment of conception. The very moment a sperm cell meets an egg cell, a new, fertilized cell has been formed. And from that very beginning, the cell will multiply rapidly, while also developing and becoming more and more complex. Now bring in science. All living things have cells. Even single-celled organisms are considered as living organisms. Therefore, life begins at the moment of conception, when that baby’s very first cell is created (TFP Student Action).

Abortion kills actual living beings. Between 3 to 4 weeks after conception, a baby’s heart begins to beat, and after about 9 ½ weeks after conception, the baby begins to respond to sound, yawn, and suck their thumb. By week 10, all major organs have formed, and 2 weeks later, blood begins to flow in the bone marrow. At this point, the baby can also wake up and fall asleep, and the kidneys will begin to create urine. By the 20th week, a baby is able to feel and react to pain (Waltman). Here’s the scariest fact of all: Since the legalization of abortion in 1973, over 57 million babies have died due to abortion -- that’s 155 babies per hour, or 1 every 24 seconds (TFP Student Action).

Abortion should be illegal because it is the murder of an innocent baby. That baby is not just a ball of cells, as some may presume. But wait, weren’t you a ball of cells at one time too, then, if you really believe that’s all they are? But your parent didn’t deny you the chance at an amazing life. When an abortion occurs, so many opportunities have been taken away, and that’s just from the baby. That baby has so much endless potential! If you would just give that baby a chance to live, they could do something great with it. 

When given the opportunity to save a life, we must. It is our human duty to protect the people and things around us. We all have lives that have been given to us through our mothers and fathers. Life is amazing, life is beautiful. But most of all, life is a gift. And at that, it’s a very sacred, fragile gift. So, when we have the opportunity to save a life, we need to take that chance as soon as it’s presented to us. That life could affect all the lives around you, whether you know it or not.

What would happen if Albert Einstein was aborted? Or Bill Gates, Rosa Parks, or Martin Luther King Jr.? Our world has changed due to these people. What would it be like without them now? But, because their mothers gave each of them a fair, beautiful shot at life, they impacted every life on this planet. When we allow abortion, we are letting lives that have endless potential to change this world and make a difference, be taken. It’s a missed opportunity.

In the case of rape or incest, it is still not okay to get an abortion. That baby has already been created inside the womb. It was also not the mother’s choice to create that baby, but there’s not a whole lot she can do to change that fact now. That baby is already there, so why destroy it? Just because it was brought up inconveniently or unwantedly, doesn’t meant that that child has less of a right to live than the rest of us, or that it simply cannot be loved. Both early and late abortions should be illegal. Killing one baby is not different from the next. That baby still possesses the ability to develop. With abortion, early or late, you take that chance away. When a mother gets pregnant, she should not have the right to end that baby’s life based on her own uncalculated decisions. When thinking about having a baby, you need to have plan to support it, and think about the choices you are making and will have to make in the future. Murder is punishable by law and also has a life sentence with it. Abortion isn’t different! Abortions should be illegal, even if the kid is going to be born with a birth defect or disability. Are you telling me that you cannot bear to love a child that has a disability, or just because they’re not the way you imagined them to be? That child you are choosing to kill, is yours. A creation, an image, of yours! Now, there is one case where it can be legal. That case being that when either the mother or the baby is going to die. In this case, there should be the possibility for a warrant issued for that woman to be able to get an abortion by the doctor. The reason I say this is because abortion is all about saving lives. Well, in this particular situation, you certainly do not want to lose two.

Abortion is also very unsafe for the women getting them. Not only does it kill the baby, but it could kill the mother as well. Since 1973, 374 women have died while having an abortion. Studies have been done, and they have proven that women who get an induced abortion have a fifty percent higher chance to get cancer than other women who have been pregnant. Twenty-eight out of thirty-seven individual studies have linked induced abortion to breast cancer (TFP Student Action).

Abortion ends lives, obviously, but don’t forget what it does. Abortion murders innocent babies. These are babies we are taking lives from. Babies. These are the innocent little beings that can make almost anyone smile. When we make abortion legal, we give the mother a choice that isn’t hers to begin with. We are giving the mother the possibility to end a baby’s life. Would that be okay with the baby? You are taking away that baby’s choice. You are taking away their right to life. You cannot just strip people of their rights! You have taken away their everything. You didn’t give them a shot. That baby has so much unlimited potential! All that potential goes down the drain when a mother decides to get an abortion.

As Doctor Shepherd on Grey's Anatomy once said, "It's a beautiful day to save lives."

Please consider this, as it is a sad reality that needs to end as soon as possible. Thank you for your time and consideration.



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