Daniela M. California

Why so Expensive?

Why is college so expensive? There are many families who can't afford the rent already so, why make it harder for them by making college so expensive.?

Dear President, 

Why is college so expensive? I will be writing to you about college and why its so expensive. There are many students who's families can't afford for their kids to go to college. So why do you have to pay so much money in order for you to go to school or get a full education. I think that America should lower the prices of college to at least help some families out.

Money Problems 

Many families already struggle to pay the bills so why do colleges make it harder for them by making college so expensive.I know that families sometimes struggle with the bills and that's why sometimes they can't  go to places that they want to go to. There are times where sometimes maybe they can't even afford to pay the rent and yet their parents are still making the effort to save up for college so,their kids can get a full education. There are many families out there who can't even afford to get their own place and have to live with a family member.


Students already have enough stress trying to keep up with there studies and homework. They don't need anymore stress by them worrying about there parents back home trying to keep up with the bills.I remember a story my mom told me about how she never had time to have fun or do anything that's not work or study, because she was so caught up in working so she could help my grandparents out with the bills and send money to our family in Mexico. She also told me that most of the time she didn't even go to school because of her work and that's why she didn't graduate college.