Alicia C. California

Animal Rights

Dear President Obama, I am Senior at San Marcos High School. I am the first sibling out of my two older brothers who will finish high school. I will also be the first to sibling out of my two younger siblings who will graduate before them. I am also the first one who wants to go to college and go to a university. I want to be a veterinarian. I am concerned about pets having health insurance. Pets should have the same benefits as people do like health insurance, shouldn't have to suffer from abuse, be freed from people who force them to fight, etc. I believe pets should the same rights as people because they are part of a family that some people do consider. Pets and like people should feel loved, safe, and healthy. I also believe that pets should have health insurance like some people do. Health insurance covers most for people when they have a surgery or when they are sick and need some type medicine and there some people don't have it and cannot afford it, so why shouldn't pets have health insurance? Surgeries for pets can be too expensive for the owners. There are some families that have to put down their pets earlier than they expect to. Every animal deserve a safe place and home. Sincerely, Alicia Carranza

San Marcos High School

American Government

Period 4 American Government

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