Brett Wisconsin

Illegal Imigration

This is important because our state can fall apart if we don't stop it.

Dear Future President, Illegal Immigration can and will get worse if we donโ€™t do something big to stop Illegal immigrants into our country. There are too many illegal immigrants in our state right now and and can go from bad to worse in less than a year.

The first reason this needs to stop is because people are finding and making underground tunnels from there state to our state. The second reason is because people are smuggling illegal immigrants into and through the border and people including myself think it has to deal with the people that are at the border inspecting people's cars so they might not be doing there job as good as people think they are. The last reason is because people can find so many good ways to sneak right past our people right into our state illegally, This is the part where we need to outsmart their every move in order to win against illegal immigration.

So in this letter immigration has taken a turn for the worse from what we thought would happen when immigration first started. In order for this to get any better we are going to have to do a better job on what's going on. I hope this can get better in the future without any war. I hope to see what new ideas you have for us Mr.Trump.


Brett Bockin