Hayden H. Montana

Crime in America

This letter is about what I believe should be done about crime in our country. Its a serious problem and need to be handled in a serious matter. All crime is bad and I hope that rates go down.

Dear Future President,

Crime in America

To start this letter, I congratulate you on becoming our new President of the United States. I am aware that you have a busy schedule and will be busy improving our great country during your term as president. I am writing to address an important issue that we face in our country today: crime. Crime has become a major problem and needs to be handled and taken care of in a serious manner. From robberies to homicide, from protesters to rioting; crime has become a big problem. What I hope is that crime rates could go down and stay down or at least go down, and without further ado, here is what I think should be done during your term in office.

First of all, lots of people, and I mean thousands to millions of people are affected by the crime in this country every year, some years certain crime increases, other times it falls. The point is, crime never stops, but what we can do is make sure it goes down and stays that way. Everyone is affected by crime, whether it be by committing the crime or the people who are affected by the crime, the aftermath of any crime is always bad news, being the ones affected by it can happen to anyone at any given time.

Secondly, I think that rioting in the streets and causing havoc all over the city or town you’re in is unnecessary. I understand that people have different views on what they think is right and want to make their point and have a say in what should happen, but not this way. What we should do to get our point across and make our mark by being less destructive is to send a letter or e-mail, whatever it is, we need to find a less destructive and dangerous way to get a point across to others so that we can change things up and make sure those changes are for the better and benefit everyone in some way. I believe that everyone should care about the crime rates and what goes on in our country, because if someone doesn’t do something about it, things will get worse and worse and eventually fall apart.

In conclusion, I thank you for taking the time from your busy schedule to stop and listen to what my beliefs are and what I think should be done while you are off improving our country with your knowledge and ideas, and leading our country to a brighter future.


Hayden H. age 14

Billings, MT

Billings Public Library

TB - Billings, MT

TB - Billings, MT

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