Rachael K. California

College is too expensive.

Dear future president, currently I’m a high school student and I’ve been thinking about college lately. I’m a senior right now and I’ve been stressing about several things. One big thing that has been bothering me is the amount of money that I will need to pay for my education. As I may say, I wish college were cheaper than how it is as this moment. I understand that getting a higher education is important but thinking about the amount of money that goes in for it seems like it’s a bit too much. I wish there was a solution for those people who is worried about going to college. There are people who can’t go to college and get educated because it’s too much for them. It’s also sad that how we need to pay a big amount of money to get educated. I thought people use to think that everyone needs to get educated? I thought it was for everyone? It’s sad to hear that everyone can’t go to college. I believe that we should all get educated and it should be a must for every single person. Or at least I wish it was free for community colleges. I wish there could be a change for our country because there is so many people out there with financial problems. I hope one day people will be able to go to college without paying for it just how it use to be in the past.