Mya California

Tiger Extinction

We need to work together to help prevent tigers from going extinct.

    Growing up I’ve always had a love for animals especially tigers.There such beautiful animals and sadly their number of species are dying. This makes them even more valuable than they already are. In China the reason the poachers hunting these tigers is because they think every part of a tiger brings great fortune and luck. Not only are they hunted for their body parts, their mainly hunted for their fur. A tiger’s beautiful thick fur coat could be used for many things such as, coats, blankets, and rugs. I’m writing about this issue because there is such thing as taking advantage. I’m sure there is other ways to help prevent this species from having to go extinct.

   To help to prevent this issue from happening I believe that there should be a harsher punishment. Poachers are breaking the law by hunting tigers illegally for their furs and other uses. Tigers aren’t only very beautiful animals but they are also a very vital to the forest. Saving the tiger means saving the forest since tigers cannot live in an environment without where trees are no longer growing. A tiger is like a symbol of protection to the earth. My point is if the tiger species went completely extinct then we would be killing of the top of the foodchain. If there was harsher punishments I feel like people would understand more. Or if these punishments don’t work we should all come together and find another solution.

   Everyone can make a difference if we put all of our focus and time into it. People need to understand that tigers are just as important as any other animal. It’s really sad that something has to be labeled as endangered to get some kind of attention. We shouldn’t have to get to that point. We should always care and do our best to work together and solve these kinds of issues.

Sincerely ,                                                                                                                                                              Mya Scott