Christian L. Oregon

Climate change

Climate change is real, and we must find a way to stop it to save our Earth before it is too late.

 Dear Mr. President,

Climate change is happening around the world and you must do something to help stop it.Climate change is getting worse and worse by year,and scientists have shown that the greenhouse effect plays a big part in it. Nowadays people ride cars, work in factories or are doing something that produces CO2 (carbon dioxide) and this is very problematic for our world. Many don’t believe that it is happening, but they can’t explain why each year it gets warmer and why the glaciers are melting. Scientists predict that there will be changes in weather like stronger hurricanes, more floods, droughts, and also we will lose more crops. With the temperature increasing there is a chance that weeds will grow more and that is not good for the plants.

Scientists have shown that temperatures have been increasing a lot over the years, and temperatures will continue to increase from 2.5 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit over the next century. Many people are losing their home either by floods, or fire because of the change in the weather. Around the world we have already lost many islands which people lived on and we must do something to stop it.

Climate change is affecting the growth of our crops too. For example, since there are many floods they damage the plants that are in that flood, and we will lose many of our fruits and vegetables. Also, since there are places where droughts are happening many of the plants will shrivel up and die since they don't have anything to get there water from. We all must try to work together and help our home the Earth or end up realizing we could have have done something and see how the Earth will end up.