Alex A. Illinois


Letter to the future president

Dear President,

Do you know what you what your people want for president? No racism in the world,freedom and no people being judged. People sometimes don't mind being judged but what if there own president is doing that,what are the people going to think about there own president?

What I think should happen is that there should be a good president who can stop that and make all of the deportations lower and lower every year the president has in office.There are 11.1 million unauthorized immigrants in the U.S and most of them have families which is more hispanic people in the U.S which are americans/hispanic and people that are 100% American sometimes like talking bad about the hispanic people. That’s where everything starts; that’s where fights start. If youŕe the new president, do something about but not kicking out the hispanic people.

In the U.S there is only 1 million immigrants that become residents. That should be more. I’m not saying all of them, but there should be a more of a chance of them being residents. They are really good workers and do their job, not slack off. They are proud of where they are from but they left because life is hard there and also,immigrants look for more opportunities so there family and there life can be better. Barack Obama deported 2 million people back to mexico and we are trying to decrease that as much as possible,that’s not what some people want they want less of that.

If this deporting happens for all of the kids that have parents that are immigrants they are going to have to leave and they schools are going to have less kids in their school. It also might affect the kids education and maybe they were a good student and then there parents get deported and they feel mad and sad. Students then start doing bad in school. This can have a very negative impact on students and education.

That’s what people think the new president should do, That would help this country a lot and also the people and the different cultures. Also think how much this country would decrease the population, and how other countries might view the U.S, if the president is a racist? These are things I want you to consider. Thank you.