Damon Illinois

Gun control laws never do the job they're supposed to do

Let's face the truth, gun control laws don't work on criminals. We need to teach our nation how to be gun safe and smart.

 Dear Mr. Trump,

I have something important to say to you, and it’s about our gun laws. Did you know that there is only one legal gun store in Mexico, which has stricter gun control laws than the U.S., called The Directorate of Arms and Munitions Sales. On average since 2006, they annually sell 6,500 weapons. But Mexicans had around 15,000,000 firearms. I agree that we need to loosen the laws against firearms.

Now here’s the thing we all know, gun control laws don’t do jack against criminals. They’ll still go to the black market and buy their AR-15 or semi-auto hunting rifles with common caliber bullets like 7.62x39, 7.62x51, 5.56, .306, 30/06, and 300 Blackout, to name a few. All of these are legal rounds to purchase, and they are meant for hunting. There is one way for law enforcement to combat these types of ammo by using another type of ammo, hollow points. These essentially have no rounded tip, and when it enters the body, expands and won’t usually leave. Some officers use them so it lessens the risk of hitting civilians. We can also tell the officers to, if possible, incapacitate instead of kill.

Now we can't stop at just the law enforcement, we need to properly educate average, law abiding citizens. There could be a course in college about gun smarts & safety, teaching them how to load, unload, disassemble, reassemble, clean, and repair the right way, to avoid accidental deaths and severe injuries. They need to learn how to properly carry and defend themselves without just assuming and opening fire on innocents. And if criminals know that the people they want to attack are armed, they won't commit the crime.

Metea Valley High School

English 2, Period 7

Mr. Page's very-totally-awesome 7th period English 2 class at Metea Valley High School in Aurora, IL.

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