Animal Abuse

Animal abuse is a terrible occurrence in our country and can be stopped by spreading awareness and through some enforcement.

Dear President,

Now that you have been elected president and have received the power and authority that comes along with it, I would like to introduce to you my opinion on animal rights. Animal abuse is something that happens every day and in every environment and needs to be stopped.

Animals are used in science to test experiments, prove hypotheses, and test products that will put up for sale. In the United States alone, anywhere between 25 million to 100 million animals are used as test subjects in labs each year (Laws and Regulation). The amount is extremely high and is not acceptable. Rats, mice, and birds make up ninety to ninety-five percent of animals experimented on in laboratories (Laws and Regulations). The animals that are being used for experimentation are not given the choice but are forced to cooperate with what they need to be used for. Producers and scientists use animals as a substitute for humans and run tests on them, and think if something goes wrong well at least it is an animal and not a human. This thought process is wrong, animals can also feel pain and fear and should not be treated as if they do not. 

Another example of animal abuse is when animal owners abuse and injure their pets. Pet owners should not be treating their animals in a harmful matter for any reason. I do not know if, as president, you can do anything about a private person abusing a pet but even spreading the word through advertisement and awareness about the topic would help. A person does not deserve a pet if they are going to harm it. Some animals suffer abuse by being skinned so their fur can be sold for a large profit. Animals should not be killed in order for someone to be fashionable. Animals, mostly domestic pets such as cats and dogs, are often left on the streets to fend for themselves. Animals cannot suddenly adapt from being domestic pets living with food, water, and shelter being given to them, to having to find their necessities and care for themselves. It is not justifiable for the owners to abandon their pets, when a person acquires a pet they are agreeing to care for the pet and if that person abandons their animal on the street they are not doing that. Animals all over the world are being treated cruelly and are being killed when the deaths and abuse are unnecessary and avoidable.

The question is: What did the animals do to deserve the abuse they receive? Animal abuse of any kind is a serious matter and needs to be contained. People should not harm animals because the animals have rights too. 

Sincerely, M.

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