Marvin F. California

Are We Ready For War?

With increasing tensions between Russia and The United States, how will our next President handle these problems and what course of action will he or she take?

November 1, 2016

Dear Mrs./Mr. President,

I write you this letter in regards to a problem that, in my opinion, hasn't really been given the right exposure. What I am talking about is the current conflict between the United States and Russia. From my understanding, at the time of writing this letter, Russia is in Syria and according to the United States, they shouldn't be. Take this and add the fact that the U.S. is accusing Russia of rigging the votes in this year's election and you have a big problem.

The United States and Russia has had a long rough history and have been butting heads since the Cold War, but the fact that tensions are again rising to the point where some are saying it's going to be worse than the Cold War is concerning. So now because of all this, Russia has been "threatening" lethal actions against the United States, mostly with war. So now I ask you, President, how will you deal with these tensions? How will you take actions against these threats. Better yet,what happens if you cant? What happens when this problem gets so out of hand and it reaches the point of no return? How will you deal with the chance that these tension will lead to war? How will you,prepare,react,or prevent a third world war.

This may sound a little dumb, and irrelevant at the moment as we have other problems to worry about such as racism,terrorist, and police brutality. But it is a problem that if it does happen, it would have catastrophic effects. With Russia and China becoming more buddy buddy's and maybe even allies in the near future war can happen. And because we keep trying to test Russia we are more likely going to start it and we will probably see it in our lifetime. And I think everyone knows what a third world war would consist of, nuclear weapons. A third world war may be something some people may not worry about, but with problems the United States has all around the world, its likely to happen.

Nuclear weapons alone could have their own letter and concern but add that to the increasing chances of war, and you will see why some may be concerned. WW3 will most likely be fought with nuclear weapons and will probably play out like this.One country launches its weapons, another country retaliates and just like that, we would have killed millions even billions. So why risk it? Why cant we come to some sort of agreement or something to prevent this? I hope that you, will resolve this. 

Now I ask you again,the president,how will you deal with the increasing tensions between the U.S and Russia. Should we the people of the United States trust that you will come to peace with them, or should we start preparing for whats to come.If we do go to war will you fight it with traditional tactic?Or by using world ending weapons. I trust that you will come to peace with them because if not and we go to war its most likely  the end to both side ."I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones -Albert Einstein