Christopher A. Missouri

Gun Crimes are over 9000!!!!!

Gun crime is a big problem. Guns increase murder,robbery,and make people insecure. We need to do something as a team for the good of humanity.

Dear President,

This has been the craziest election I have ever seen and I only ever seen two. It's like a game of football the match is almost decided.

A lot of murders are by guns and gun related crime in the U.S . U.S has the highest Gun Homicide Rate in Developed Countries according to the articular by ABCNews ALYSSA Newcomb Digital Reporter .I Don't believe it's only the guns but smuggling guns as well . Smuggling guns is only adding to the gun crime. kill family,friends and boy name Steven. Steven was ten when his dad was drunk and had a gun and destroying lives as well as the family and friends of his own . You can't bring back the dead, the only thing you can do is to protect the love one that are alive and to remember the ones in the past .How can we prevent smuggling and gun related crimes in the U.S and around the world .A way of doing that is to make it harder to get a gun . We need to have it to where they have to do a background check where ever they buy their guns at, band selling guns on the internet. This is one of the best way to prevent gun crime. 

It's kind of like a poem.There was a time when we had a right to fight for what's right.But now John is born in the wrong time. Born in a world where they steal and kill and think its OK to play with people's emotions.John was filled with joy that can even fill up the void. Until that day came to an end. A man with a gun was thinking it will be OK to break and take what john's dad had made . John's dad was at home working on the lawn until he heard a brake of a glass plate. Then he ran in hoping everything is OK. But not today.John's dad had felt a sharp pain in his kidney.That was the day john felt infinity pain in one second.The gun was left and person had fled and now it's just one .A son with no one but a gun. If you ever read this Mr/Mrs President thank you for your time out of your busy the time you read this the President will be decided.

Sincerely, Christopher A.

Frontier STEM High School


The best first block class in the world. Yessir!!!

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