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Gun Rights

American soil was formed on the base of the constitution and now we have to worry about it being taken away. The right to bear arms is our Constitutional right. Action needs to take place!

  Dear future president, 

 Why do we bear arms? The second amendment was formed from the hands of the American people. These people understood what guns meant to American Citizens. These tools are not just weapons, but more of a meaning. They symbolize the base of America, our protection, and what we need to survive. Why should we have to worry about people ,who do not even use firearms or care about America, taking away this amendment from us? I think our future president should reconsider this act.

  The first people who stepped on American soil held firearms in their hands. Guns are used for many purposes other than killing people. Many people,especially southerners, use guns for hunting and protection. What will be do if someone breaks into our home and we are helpless?! What will we do if we want to hunt and provide food for our family and carry on family tradition? Gun are apart of too many who we are. Isn't it ironic the people who want to carry out this act have guards with firearms everyday of their lives and escort them everywhere? Isn't this unfair? If they can carry firearms, why can't we? I understand taking guns away from people with criminal records, but what about innocent families? I think the future president and government need to think about this decision with deep thought.

I hope the future president reads this letter and makes a better decision. America needs guns. The 2nd amendment has been here for hundreds of years, why change now? I hope this letter will make a difference in peoples' opinions for the good. Why take our gun rights and in some ways our Constitutional freedom?


Mckayla Fitt

Delta Charter School

DCS World History

Delta Charter School World History class

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