Seiji N. Utah

Education is Key

Although its not a major topic in any presidential discussions, the problems with our education is something that should be given more attention to.

Dear Future President,

     Congratulations on being able to lead this great nation. It is an honor to write you this letter. Hopefully you will actually be able to read these because I believe that myself, as well as all other participating students, bring up many important topics that should be addressed in within the upcoming years  . The topic I want to write to you about today is our education system.  I strongly believe that changes must be made to our education system. The first problem is the ever rising expense of college. How are we supposed to improve the intellectual level of our future leaders if their families can't afford to send them to college? I’m not trying to say that college education should be completely free, but it should definitely be reduced to a reasonable cost for all families. According to CNBC, the cost of a public 4-year tuition has risen over 100% since 1994 while the cost of a private 4-year education has risen around 65% since 1992.  Another wide spread problem is with education in our country is the Common Core standards. It seems to me that we need to find a centralized education plan with less controversy. Although I personally dont know enough about the Common Core standards to specifically criticize it I know that there has been much controversy about the system ever since it was adopted in 2009. Education will always be a difficult topic to debate about because there are so many different views on it. However we need to devote more money to public education because without a highly educated population it will be hard to further progress in life. 

Judge Memorial

JM English, periods 5 & 6

Students in Mr. Sloan's AP English Language and Composition class

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