Natalie E. California


A lack of job employment has grown to be a problem through the years. And continues to be one, as less and less people have the opportunity to obtain a job as the availability of one is low. What steps are you taking, as our next president, to ameliorate this problem?

Dear Future President,

           Over the years, obtaining a job has become more difficult with new requirements that have been inserted and the population growth. More and more people are being let go from their position of their job. In addition, those who try to find a job, can’t. In the years before, finding a job to be hired at wasn’t so difficult, but now they ask for more, and with the growth of population, they are more people who are qualified for that job. Employees are being traded in for more younger and experienced workers, which can threaten any person at a workplace. And if you weren't being replaced by someone new, it's possible you'd be exchanged with a piece of machinery that can sufficiently do your job without the payment. This problem has been growing for some time now, and will continue to be a problem unless we start thinking of  ways to ameliorate this situation.

        I have asked a range of adults about their thoughts on the subject of job employment and how they might be wrestling with this subject. Some say it was a great challenge to get a job that they wanted in particular, rather than finding one that they needed because of finical issues and having to deal with competition of others who were more qualified and had more experience. Others feel that their jobs are not secured since they can easily be replaced at their place of work for various reasons. My own parents and neighbors struggle with this, and having to support a family puts them in jeopardy. The altercations we’ve had to endure to manage our income from these changes is not only humiliating but frustrating. So I want to know if there’s anything that you, our future president, can possibly conjure up to better this critical situation, because this is a problem that needs more attention amongst others.


Natalie E.