Mauro H California

Immigration Reform

The benefits of Immigration programs like DACA and DAPA are life changing.

Dear Future President:

Since 2009, President Obama has deported roughly 2.5 million illegal immigrants which rounds up to about 23% more than Bush’s administration alone, in accordance to the country’s official deportation numbers. Being born into a family of immigrants who were fortunate enough to fix their immigration status under Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton’s terms, I stay with the hope that a reform on the national level could surface in which many hardworking immigrants can aspire to be part of this county, abundant in opportunity. The DACA and DAPA programs were definitely a great start, but we need a more definite solution to this issue so that immigrants can worry about the well-being of their family and not the fear of being deported at the first mistake.

Programs like DACA and DAPA were able to help out 665,000 young immigrants as well as parents to have temporary relief from being deported along with being able to obtain work permits. Imagine having federal laws that would protect the rights of these immigrants who have slowly became a part of our society, culture, and identity of this country. It seems like a bold move, but there are definitely benefits that can be salvaged from such a change for both society and government. Since money is important to government affairs today, financial opportunities can be rescued from these types of reforms. Studies at the White House anticipate that GDP levels will increase by 0.4%, or $90 million, if programs like those imposed by the Obama administration (DACA and DAPA) are continued.

There are so many benefits that can come from Immigration Reform in the country. Other than the economic aspect previously mentioned, there are definitely more important outcomes to the acceptance of immigrants into society. The diversity in the country will reshape the topic of race into a positive element of our society. It will reteach a whole population values and morals like acceptance, love, and standing up for what is right.

I hope you will re-examine carefully all Immigration Reform policies to serve the best interests, not only of immigrants, but all citizens in the U.S.


Mauro Hernandez Ramos

The Preuss School UCSD

Block 6

AP English Lit & Comp, B Day

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