jose m. California

The Importance of Ending Homelessness

My summary is about ending homelessness, it is a very important issue that has gone on for many years.

 Dear Future President,

I believe homeless is a very important issue that has gone on for many years. Lives have ended early because of the homeless, and the hardship, and even stress it can put into your life.

A homeless is a person without a home to sleep or do. Things they live in the streets or they live in the homeless shelter or they stay in cars single room and abandoned building or vehicle or in any other unstable or non permanent situation. There are over 3.5 million people,1.5 million of them being children some die from hypothermia according to the national coalition for the homeless you can also get cardio-respiratory diseases tuberculosis nutrition.

I want to help the homeless because I don’t like people living in the streets.  In downtown I have seen a lot of people living in the streets and one time me and my mom gave a homeless guy money and he was so happy and with the money he want and buy food .

Please help the homeless.


Jose Moreno

Health Science Middle School

Health Sciences Middle School

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