Ryan Oregon

Price of college

High cost of tuition

Dear Future President,

The cost of college in this country is so high that a lot of people cannot afford to attend college. Even if they can afford it, they may not attend because they don’t want to accumulate student loan debt. Paying for college is a problem a lot American families struggle with. On one hand, they want to send their child to college, but on the other hand, they can’t afford it.

According to the College Board,”the average cost of tuition and fees for the 2014-2015 school year was $31,231 at private colleges and $9,139 for state residents at public colleges, and $22,958 for out-of-state residents attending public universities”. Not only do colleges have high tuition but they also charge fees for things like the library and transportation. The college board reports that the average cost of room and board ranged from $10,138 at four-year public schools to $11,516 at private schools. On top of paying for schooling, students have to pay for transportation to and from classes.

The cost of college and the fear of not knowing how to pay for their college may lead a lot of people to just not attend. As of september 2014, approximately 30 percent of the United States population has a Bachelor's degree and 17 percent have an Associate’s degree. If the price of college was lower, this number would rise and more people would have a shot at getting a college education, which would lead to better job opportunities.

According to the U.S. Department of Education, the average cost of public colleges has gone up 6.5 percent every year over the last decade. If this is not changed, the price of college will continue to increase and it will be available to fewer and fewer people. If the price of college tuition continues to increase, most middle class families will not be able to send their child/children to college, which will decrease their chance of getting a high paying job.

If lowering the price of college tuition all together is not attainable, there should at least be a way for kids to attend college even if they can't afford it. This can be achieved by offering more financial aid to children based on their parents’ income, so if their parents have a high income, they get less financial aid and if their income is low they get more financial aid. Making college more available would be a positive for parents and children because they wouldn't have to worry as much about paying for tuition.

So it is up to you, Future President, to offer more financial aid for the youth of America and make college more available to everyone, no matter how much money they have. This issue is worth solving because it would positively affect a lot of people, young and old. Making a college education more attainable for everyone is a matter that I think you should look at. I want you to offer more financial aid and help people get a college education.