Molly M. Idaho

College prices are rising

Unless we lower the price of college, high school students won't be able to pay off the debt.

Dear Next President,

My mom went to a college that she enjoyed very much, but it wasn’t the college that she wanted. The only reason she didn’t go to the college she wanted was because of the money. College prices have risen from 10-15 years ago. High schools students look for colleges that they want to go to then they check the price, and change their minds. Unless we change the price of college, high school students won’t be able to pay to get in.

10 years ago college prices were around thirty thousand dollars for only two years, and they keep rising. High schools students are sitting in their classroom searching about their dream college keeping in mind that they need to focus on: How long do they want to be in college?, or How long will it take me to pay off the college money? According to Higher ed info“ only 45.1% of high schools students go to college in Idaho”. High schools students just shrug it off and pick an job that they don’t need experience for.

Take me for example, I am in AVID, and in AVID we had to research about colleges that we would like to go to. I want to be a veterinarian when I grow up and the college I would like to go to is University of Cincinnati. They have a very good veterinarian program that will help me accomplish my dreams of helping injured animals get better, but the cost of college will take years to pay off. But for me it is worth it.

Some might say that you can get scholarships to help pay off college debts, but not everyone is able to get one. How can we make college prices fair so that everyone has an opportunity to be in college and fulfill their dreams? If we lower the price then more people will pay to get in And then the government will have more money to help pay for other things that you need to take care of.


Molly Moore