Benjamin C. Idaho

Bad Roads

The roads in rural areas like Idaho are horrible, and tax dollars are not going to good use.

In Nampa Idaho, the road conditions are alright. however, once you leave the inner town, the roads get really bad in quality. Some highways can have many potholes that are ~6 inches deep on roads that can be 50-55 miles per hour. If you do not have a large truck, these potholes can badly damage your car.

The way that the government fixes these potholes is just horrible as well. They typically cover the road in rocks and sealant, then oil it black. This can hurt cars because the many cars will flick these rocks into the cars behind them, causing chips and dents.

In conclusion, the pothole problem in many rural areas such as Idaho need to be fixed in a better way than is currently being done. Many problems occur with the normal way the government fixes this problem. This is obviously not the worst problem facing us, but it is important.