Talia S. Missouri

Everyone is Equal

The United States isn't very united.


Dear Future President,

We live in the (not so united) United States. To some people it feels like a separation between them and the people around them because of their race, ethnicity, gender, and sexuality. They feel like they aren’t the same compared to their counterparts. Celebrities feel the same way, too. Like the ‘Equal Play. Equal Pay’ movement created by the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team. We should have equal pay and shouldn’t be rejected because of certain personal characteristics. We should all feel like we’re all equal. When you’re in office, don’t pass laws that separate us more than we already are banning certain people from certain places like segregation.

We should have equal pay because we all don’t have the same lives. If two individuals give the similar effort, they should be paid the same amount of money no matter who they are. According to nwlc.org, women are paid 79 cents to a man’s dollar and if they’re of a different race then it's even less.

Ever since same-sex marriage has been legalized, there have been situations where people wouldn’t hire them because they didn’t believe same-sex marriage should be legal. Those that had businesses wouldn’t hire LGBT people even if they were qualified. Not only did people not get hired but in some places they were not allowed to be in the businesses because of their sexual orientation. Like a case in Kentucky, a county clerk refused to give gay couples marriage licenses, as reported by cnn.com.

It’s not fair for people to be mistreated because of a little thing that doesn’t really matter and wouldn’t affect anyone around them. We’re all humans but have different characteristics and it’s not right to discriminate against something that won’t actually affect you. Again don’t pass legislations that would make the United States less united.