Emma Iowa

Discrimination in the Work Force

Women are getting paid less and not getting equal jobs. Women are also not getting all the rights they should be getting.

Dear incoming President,

In my letter I will be talking about the discrimination in the work field and how women are getting paid less. There are so many women out there getting paid less, just because of their gender. It is a right for women and men to be getting the same jobs, and women are not getting offered the same jobs that men are, just because of their gender.

The main people that are affected are the women who have tried for a long time to try and get a higher job, but can’t because of how they are getting recognized. These jobs include secretaries wanting to be up higher in the “food chain": female coaches wanting to be higher up, and female physical trainers trying to be the main trainer on a team, or even in their building. The unfairness in the pay is also another issue to be addressing. Women are getting paid less than men, even though they have all the same levels of learning, and level of training. The pay gap depends on the level of training and education you have achieved, for less than a high school diploma it is 80%, for a high school graduate it is 77%, for an associates degree or college degree it is 75% , along with a bachelor’s degree, and an advanced degree is 74%. According to Susan Credle, there are many women who are secretaries that help support the company, and keep the company running that never get acknowledged because they are just there to help when needed. There is nothing that is right about that in any way shape or form.

Single moms are struggling with this gender pay gap. There are moms who have to support multiple kids, but financially can’t because of the pay gap, and the difference in wages. It is starting to happen far too often that women are not getting the pay they are deserving. It is very unfair that women and men who have an advanced degree are having a 74% pay gap and that just isn’t right, for anyone, to be having that big difference in their pay gap. Also, men who desire to become a women's doctor can’t, and women who want to be a men’s coach can’t. Just because our gender is different, it doesn’t mean we should be getting paid different, and not getting to have the same jobs. There is nothing logical about it.

There are ways we can be going at this and fixing it. It keeps happening too often that we are not even looking at the pay roll, when it should be quite important to all of this. Women are not getting paid the same, just because they aren’t doing physical work, doesn’t mean that they can’t get paid the same. They just may be doing more mental work than men doing physical work. 

So overall, my statement is that there is way too much discrimination in the workfield and workforce than there needs to be. Too many people are losing the fight when they financially have to support the family, and being the only income the family is getting, it isn’t fair and not everyone can be living off unemployment, it just isn’t working. This is an issue that needs to be solved, and soon, I hope. There are too many people struggling.




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