Kaydean T Massachusetts


This is my letter about Sex trafficking.

Dear President, 

                            My name is Kaydean Tomlinson . My topic is about Sex Trafficking , Today in the U.S.A Sex Trafficking is the second largest crime in and is about 98% women . As a teenager I am very upset about teenagers especially the females who has been kidnapped from home and is in such horrifying situation .  The thing is these females who are the victims never have been brought back to home , never see their love ones again . 99% of buyers never face chargers . I believe that both the owner and buyers should face criminal chargers . 

Most of these victims who have been raped ,  are going through Mental and Physical abuse. These female  are afraid of the world . People have been kidnapped from all situations for example , a kid can be walking from school and there goes his/ her life by a stranger who he/ she has no idea who they are. I admit there are cameras all over the U.S.A and I believe Polices can do much more to find these victims as soon as the case is reported . Another thing is these teen and women have been sexually abuse and haven't reported it to the cops. Social media plays a big role in the sex trafficking life , Most of these persons who are missing are communicating with strangers online who they don't even know . Parents are also at fault because they should trust their children more and also put a GPS on these social media equipment, so Police agencies  can be able to track the device .

The Government should focus on this topic because it has destroy the life of many females and also male . These are the reason why so many STD and STI are forms . Although the government can't control who are having sex, I think they should give these men a  Life time in prison , punish them ,  or make them  suffer .  I also think the government should provide a text message operations so in case of any emergencies people can be able to text because not every time they are going to be able to call. For example, if a kid is being kidnapped and they  have hidden their phones from the kidnappers, they can hide and text the police where they are or where they are taking them .