Aziz E. Missouri

"What I thought she wanted it"

Should Sexual Assault be tolerated? Sexual Assault has done too much harm to people; mentally and physically.

Dear future President,

This essay only focuses on girls being sexually assaulted since girls have a higher chance of being assaulted than boys.

I'm a freshman in Missouri, and wrote this article to show you the facts about Sexual Assault, and how it should be stopped or at least reduced in amount.

I read in the news that a lot of girls get sexually assaulted in different places, and the percentage is growing by the year. Having higher security in the areas where the sexual assault reports came from would be a good idea to reduce the assault crimes. To put it in easier words putting more security in the places where the assault claims came from would be easier to pin down the people who sexually assault. Basically getting more guards or cameras around the places where those complaints came from would at least slow down the amount of complaints of the assault claims.

Drugging, forcing, jumping.

Needing help but never gotten.

Getting away from it all again, to the security called the police...but what did that matter? Since nothing would ever be the same.

In the article, "17 beliefs about sexual assault that are totally wrong" by Jill Filipovic’s, she said “Wearing revealing clothing makes you a target for harassment.” This is pretty accurate since humans tend to believe that if you wear revealing outfits or things that make you think that you want stuff done to you, and because of that people will most likely try to have intercourse with you. To say it in simpler terms you should not wear clothing that shows too much skin because then it is more likely that someone will make a move on you. To say it in easier terms, people should not wear clothing that makes people think that they want stuff done to them. This is one way people give off the impression that they want sex.

Thanks future President for reading this.


A student who hopes he made a change.

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