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Dog Fighting

Thousands of dogs are being killed due to dog fighting, and it needs to end.

     Dear Future President,

     Dog fighting is a serious topic that most people don’t even realize how much it is affecting society today. Dog fighting is a “sport” where two dogs fight against each other until one dog can not fight anymore. According to “Stop Dog Fighting” over 16,000 dogs are killed per year due to dog fighting and the numbers continue to grow. According to the website “Top 25”, dogs are the #1 most loved animals in the world, so ask yourself, why would you want to hurt the world’s most loved animal?

     In my opinion, these dogs are living creatures, just like us humans. They may not speak our language and we may not understand them, but that doesn’t mean we should make horrible choices for them. As humans, we need to understand that we can’t have these dogs living a life they don’t deserve to live. When they are dog fighters, they live in misery. The injuries they suffer are severe and sometimes fatal. The long term effects they suffer are depression, fear, and they tend to lack trust in people.

     Although there are some people in this world that think dog fighting is okay. These people are attracted to the money and the strange version they call entertainment. According to ASPCA, winning a dogfight you can earn, on average, $20,000-$30,000. In major dog raids, people can win more than $500,000. The main reason people are attracted to dog fighting is because of greed. Also, people are attracted to this sport because of how dogs can fight their fights for them, when I say this I mean that instead of the owner fighting another human, they can have their dogs fight for them. But, when the dog loses the fight, the owner may lose thousands of dollars, the reputation they have in the world of dog fighting, and lastly cause the owner to abuse the dog. As well as losing money, these dogs are not born dangerous, they are living creatures, they deserve a life and time on this earth in happiness.

     According to ASPCA, dog fighting is a felony in every state. Even being a spectator of a dog fight is illegal. How come if dog fighting is a felony, there are approximately 40,000 professional dog fighters, people who fight and sell dogs at high prices. John Goodwin, an expert on dog fighting, says that there could be as many as 100,000 “street fighters”, which are people who are “informal dog fighters”. These people tend to be youth gangs.

     So the lives of thousands of dogs are in your hands, Future President. Some things we can do to stop dog fighting is donate. These dogs have lived horrible lives that nobody deserves to live. By donating, you can help feed and give shelter to the dogs that have been rescued by organizations like ASPCA and The Humane Society. As well as donating, creating laws that prevent people from just giving out dogs, and how people that sell dogs have to be licensed. A law like this can prevent dog fighters from getting dogs so easily.

     In conclusion, with your help, the future president, I believe we can save thousands of dogs all around the country


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