sarah y. California

Child Abuse

Child abuse can take many innocent children's lives.

Dear future president,

Around five kids die everyday from abuse. Child abuse can leave children with problems for the rest of their lives, which also impacts their future. We should address this problem because this changes many children's lives and can prevent them to learn skills they need for the future. Child abuse should be stopped because it can kill many innocent kids, stymie a child’s normal growth and development, and abused children may repeat violent acts to their own kids.

Child abuse can change children’s lives in many ways. If abusers starve or physically hurt their child, their child has a higher chance of losing their life. If a young child is abused, they can't prevent it from happening because they are too young. So 70% of the children that were abused die at age two. As kids that were abused get older, they can experience depression and might even attempt suicide. Children that get physically hurt might repeat these actions to their own children, which can cause more and more child abuse in our world. Lastly child abuse can cause children to have issues at an early age or lose their life from the force.

Parents, guardians, or teachers should be aware of their child’s behavior and attitude. If something is going on they should ask some questions. Some kids may refuse help but you should still look out for them. If a student finds out that another student have issues at home, they should find ways to prevent it or tell a trusted adult. Lastly parents should learn not to express their anger to their own child or teach their child to report any type of abuse at school.

Child abuse can greatly affect children these days. 6.6 millions kids get abused and neglected every year. Child abuse should be prevented because it can cause death, hold back a kid from growing, and they might learn to do the same to their own kids. Child abuse should be addressed because child abuse can affect our population and the people. In 2014, 1580 kids died from abuse. I want the future president to stop child abuse from happening.