Mateo E. Illinois

Americans Bear Arms

Gun laws should not be changed.

           Dear Future President,

Since the early days of pioneers of the United States, firearms have been part of American Tradition as protection and a means of hunting or sport. Many people agree with having stricter rules on getting a gun, and then other people don’t agree with that, many people think guns are a really big issue but according to our second amendment we have the right to possess and bear arms. There are many reasons of why people purchase and own a gun. I as an american feel that my second amendment right needs to be protected but there should be stronger background checks, and I am writing this to the future president so this amendment can be upheld.

First, gun owners purchase guns for protection. Most gun purchases have been for protection purposes. According to “79% of male gun owners and 80% of female gun owners said owning a gun made them feel safe”. A lot of people just don’t feel safe at home without protection of a gun. While people are buying these firearms there should be stronger background checks, so the guns don’t get into the hands of people that should not be holding one. People that do terrible things with guns give a bad rap to people that actually need a gun. I think this is the strongest reason of why people purchase a gun.

Second for hunting and sporting. 1/3 of gun owners use and purchase guns for hunting and sporting. Hunting, hunting has been around for such a long time and people enjoy going out hunting with their family and really enjoy it. According to “Feb. 2013 Pew Research report, 32% of gun owners owned guns for hunting and 7% owned guns for target or sport shooting”. People use guns for target practice and sport shooting people like and enjoy doing this.

Third, the second amendment was intended to protect gun ownership. This amendment might be outdated but it is an important amendment and was indeed intended to gun ownership. This amendment should not be changed we as americans have the right to own and purchase a gun, and we should be able to maintain this right. The only really thing that needs to be added is stronger background checks. Stronger background checks should be the only change . But overall this right gives us the right to have ownership of a firearms.

Overall, the second amendment of the constitution states that we have the right to bear arms and by that as an American we should stick to those words that our founding fathers have clearly stated in our great Bill of Rights. God Bless America.

Sincerely, Mateo E