anna h. Wisconsin

Abortion is Murder

Abortion is morally wrong and needs to be illegal.

Dear Future President,

Exodus 20:13 “Thou shalt not kill.’’ This is the 6th commandment we are to follow given to us by God. If you have an abortion you are breaking this command because abortion ends the life of another being. Purposely ending a life is murder.

One reason that abortion should be illegal is that the abortion process hurts the fetus. Bernard N. Nathanson, MD, a pro life activist said an ultrasound during that process of abortion shows the fetus opens its mouth and lets out a silent scream right before the doctor takes the life.

Another reason abortion should be illegal is that is clearly goes against God’s instruction to us. We are not meant to kill any other human, even someone who is not fully formed.

And finally, according to getting an abortion still puts the mother’s health and wellbeing at risk. She must recover from the procedure medically. But psychologically, how can she ever recover from knowing she agreed to take a life?

Truly, the abortion procedure creates three murderers: the mother who decides to kill her baby, the doctor that does the killing and the government that allows the killing. I am asking you to work to stop the killing. Please make abortion illegal.


Anna H