Logan Wisconsin

Gun Control and Violence

There is not enough gun policies, and the result of that is gun violence.

Dear Mr.Trump,

Our gun control policies are not good enough for our country as a whole. In the past year alone there were 12,409 deaths and 48,139 gun related injuries. There has been 326 mass shootings in the past year. That's just sad that we call ourselves the country of the free and that's the number of deaths, mass shootings, and injuries. The reason is that it is to easy to buy a gun in our country, and there is not enough background checks on it. It only takes not being a convicted felon, your social security, and answering some easy questions to buy a firearm. Not only is it too easy to buy a firearm legally, because of that it is to easy to buy it illegally. More than 80% of mass shootings use illegally bought weapons. It is also easy for our children to get firearms. Out of 60,548 total death and injuries that are gun related 2,933 are children under of the age of 18. If you care about our nation's youth you would do something.

This problem could be solved easily by putting more intensive background checks. To many child related gun injuries and deaths are from the child getting the weapon from the parent. More gun safety requirements could help. Simply by reducing gun manufacturing could help with the gun problem. America has 42% of the guns in the world. There are 300 million guns in america roughly 50% are legal. We need a good president that cares for our country's well being, and that does something with our gun problem. I trust that you as a the President of the United States of America will take action on the gun violence and policies. 


Logan O'Leary

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