Jordyn Wisconsin

We are all Equal

Women deserve the same things that men receive. We are equal.

Dear President,

I hope you realize the fate of America is now in your hands. A lot of people are depending on you to make changes to their futures and to correct the mistakes of past leaders. As president, I know that you have many responsibilities. There are a lot of issues in America that will require your attention, but I believe that women’s rights should be near the top of the list.

Women consist of 51% of the world’s population, so women should be able to receive the same pay, recognition, and overall equality as men do. We are all equal. Women all over this country have talents that have not been shared because many women do not have the opportunity to show them. According to the Institute for Women’s Policy Research in 2015, women earned only 80 cents for every dollar that a man makes. Women are just as determined, hardworking, and intelligent as men. Women should be rewarded for their efforts, but women are still considered inferior, are underappreciated, and are seen to be not as capable as men in 2016. We have let this problem go on for too long, and now it is time for a change.

In addition to lower pay, women experience discrimination just because of their gender. Many negative stereotypes are associated with women in power, and I would like to eliminate these. We should all instill a positive outlook of women to set an example for future generations. Young children, especially girls, should be empowered to do anything that they put their mind to, regardless of gender. While women may be able to vote and own property, these rights are not enough. We demand the respect that we deserve.

There are millions of women in the world who have yet to reach their full potential, and with your help eliminating the gender inequality, dreams will come true. Granting women more rights will not only help all women in society, but it will help America as a whole. The sooner we change these policies, both socially and legally, the sooner we will be able to make progress as a country. As president, it is your duty to support the citizens and by that I mean all of the citizens: young and old, men and women.