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School Uniforms: Good or Bad Thing?

Hello Next President, in this letter I am presenting to you the confrontation on school uniforms. There are positives and Negatives to this idea, so I have decided to provide points from both sides to you!

Dear Next President,

The idea of school uniforms has been debated for decades on whether to or to not enforce them. I am going to provide you with very valid points from each perspective of the situation. Both sides of the issue include points that should strongly be thought about.

One major pro to the issue is by enforcing school uniforms, student focus more on their education and less on what they’re wearing to school everyday. Several propositions have been made to try and increase the learning of students, but many of them require large amounts of money. School uniforms do indeed cost money, but not nearly as much as other ideas that are presented. Wearing school uniforms is just like wearing a uniform on a sports team. The main purpose of wearing a sports uniform is for the players to be able to identify their own members in order to achieve one common goal. The common goal for going to school is gaining education, not impressing one another with clothing.

A major con to the idea of school uniforms is that they prevent students freedom of expression and style. Our country is founded on freedom of expression and people being able to express themselves. Having school uniforms limits students ability to do that. As long as outfits don’t distract other students, they should be able to wear them. If a student wants to represent their favorite sports team or have logos of their favorite brands on them, it should be allowed. Learning is still taking place while children are in their favorite outfits.

In my opinion, I am more for the idea of not having uniforms, but please take a look at both sides of the issue and make a respectable decision. Thank you for taking the time to recognize both sides of the situation.


Taylor Morgan

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