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Puppy mills

Puppy mills are unhealthy and inhumane please help stop puppy mills all puppy's deserve a good home.

Dear future president,

I strongly disagree with puppy mills. The over breeding of dogs is unhealthy for the animals, the puppies are living in unhealthy environment. Over breeding of dogs produces puppies born with illesses and deformations. "4-5 million puppies die every year from puppy mills" (The puppy mill The dogs have never had human contact. They sit in small chicken wire cages in urine and feces. "The dogs get injuries from the cages in their paws and their legs" ( The dogs do not receive good nutrition and the dogs get sick very easily. "The building that the puppy's are in are unsanitary, dirt everywhere and garbage."( It is sad to see these animals in a puppy mills all around the world.

Craig High School - Ms. Tucker's English 9

7th Hour - Honors English 9

Craig High School

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