Abby Vermont

Impoverished people should have the same job opportunity as wealthier people.

I believe that impoverished people should have the same job opportunity as wealthier people.

The Future President

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW

Washington, DC 20500

Dear Future President,

I believe that impoverished people should have the same job opportunity as wealthier people do. And that people in poverty should be able to apply for jobs according to their credentials not because they are impoverished. It is wrong to assume that people in poverty don’t have the credentials to obtain a job after learning they are impoverished. It is up to you, the future President to change that.You have the power to make a better change for the future. Show us you are not abusing your power by making a difference. What will you do with your newly gained power?

Once impoverished it is very hard to get out of a poverty crisis. But, not allowing people the same job oppurtunity makes transitions in poverty a lot harder. Many people in the deep south cities experience discrimination against them simply applying for jobs just because they are impoverished. Lauren Scott, a 28 year old women who faced tough job regulations and had a limited amount of jobs she could apply for because she was in a poverty crisis herself is just one of the many unrecognized impoverished people trying to apply for jobs while being in a poverty situation and finding that people are discriminatory against her. “In the metropolitan areas of the Deep South, government policies and rising real estate prices have pushed the poor out of urban centers and farther from jobs.” (Story Chico Harlan. "Poor People in the Deep South Are on Their Own."Washington Post. The Washington Post, n.d. Web. 29 Sept. 2016.) This makes it even harder for her to have the opportunity to get a job and provide for her family.

You the President have the ability to make sure that impoverished people are given the same job opportunity as wealthier people and that people in poverty have the right to access same job opportunities just like you or I. By the late 2000’s, 17.3 % of the U.S population had fallen under poverty (Gould, Elise, and Hilary Wething Web. 15 Sept. 2016.) I wonder if this percentage of impoverished people were denied job and are unable to gain enough money to live in humane ways. Once in poverty, it is very hard for the impoverished to take a step forward in their lives. Every American citizen strives for better. But, when the impoverished are denied jobs how can they strive for something better when they are alone and have no support from the person they look up to to run this country and to make a difference for them. What are you going to do for these impoverished people President? It is up to you to make a difference. By not making a difference for the impoverished you are discriminating and denying your citizens. We look up to you President. What are you going to do for the impoverished?

You could promote the career position of a social and community service manager in the society to help these impoverished people have a support system while they pick themselves up again. This person helps create a non-profit organization that is able to find funding and supply the impoverished with food and helps them move forward in their lives. While helping find resources and job opportunities for the impoverished. They give support and the basic human needs to the impoverished.

I am looking for a president who can approach an issue open-mindedly and optimistically. I am also looking for a president who can understand the impact they are making on people whether negative or positive and being able to find a balance between that. Future president, do you have these skills?