Donovan J. Georgia


Racism is getting worse and worse everyday, and somebody has to put an end to this.

Dear Future President,

I have been concerned about racism in the U.S. Every day I hear about a cop shooting a innocent black man. Some cops lie saying they did it for self-defense. More black people get killed than any other race. You might look it up and see that it was a false statement but who do you think wrote it. Racism is spreading in America and it needs to stop.

I want our race to be equal with everyone else, Not having our young lives taken by the people that are supposed to protect us. There have been dozens of murders by cops. It has happened to too many of my friends like Chris he lost his older brother to a cop because he was driving black. Driving while black isn’t a crime. We shouldn’t be feared and we shouldn’t be hated. This all revolves around a different skin tone. All we ask is that you let us live our lives.

The KKK needs to end. They hate black people for no reason and are secretly killing us but the authority doesn’t seem to care. Back in the slavery days they took us to America and now that we want to stay they don’t like it. No I’m not the one to say you can’t believe in what you want but don’t mess with us or kill us because you are not above the law. We were born this way just like they are.

So president after reading this how do you feel about this. How are you planning to fix this problem? Choose wisely many people’s lives are in your hands.