yeimi California

Our Way to Hope

This letter is about what immigrants want to be in The United States. Immigrants are running from their countries because they want the best for their children.

 Dear Future President                                      

One day I came to United States for a better life. When I was traveling to the United States. I suffered a lot because I was only with my sister. We didn’t eat, and we had to sleep in the mountains and I traveled for two months. I am Yeimi and I came to U.S two years ago. I am a student looking for an education in United States. I want to graduate from high school and I want to help my parents because now my mom is sick and they have to pay a lot of bills; that is why I want to help them. I have a lot of goals: my first goal is to be successful.

I am writing this letter because I don’t want you to deport people. You don’t know why we’re here, But I I would like you to know that according to ‘More kids coming into U.S illegally on their own by Stateline. orig says ‘Many say they are fleeing violence from gangs and drugs, they are also to get away from abuse, sometimes by their own family members. I think all families have to be together children’s need their parents to be with them because parents help children when they have a problem and children need parents love.

Also, parents are here looking for a better life for their children. They want the best for them. They want an education for them. They work really hard to give their children a home, food, clothes, and education. In El Salvador we can’t grow up because there is not enough work for everyone. People who live there are really poor. They don’t have food and they don’t have anything. They live with the food other people give them. In U.S every family grows up. They have to work for others, because they need money to live.

My dad came to U.S twelve years ago. He left me in El Salvador when I was 1 years old. He came to U.S to give me a better life. I missed him a lot and I grew up without a dad and a mom, because my mom came two years after when my dad came to the United States. She left me with my grandma. My parents left to give me what I need. My parents saved money for me and my sister come to U.S. They wanted that me and my sister came with them to be together.

Now I am happy in U.S because I’m with my family I feel safe with them and I want to live all my life in U.S. Because I want to comply my goals and I know on U.S I can be successful.

You should let people stay because we need money to live. You are a person; you should care about other people. Every person in the world is similar because God give us hands, bodies, feet, hair, brains and other things. The best thing you can do is let us to live in the United States. We need to be here, because in El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala there a lot of gangs killing people because poor people don’t give them what they want. For example; money and chains we can’t give them that because we don’t have money and chains either. I hope you can understand me I wrote this letter so you can help us to stay here.