Charlene L. Kentucky

Stop Racial Discrimination

Racial Discrimination in America

I would like to talk to you about racial discrimination. Racial Discrimination I know for a fact that goes on inside schools and outside of school, because I hear it every single day from my step- mother every time we go somewhere. I would like to ask you, “How do you view racial discrimination and what is your stand?”, because my stand for racial discrimination is that I am totally against it. One, I think it’s wrong the way Americans treat other races and ethnicity like they’re not humans.  Instead we treat them like they’re wild animals or beasts and it’s just really wrong and ridiculous the way we Americans treat the different races and ethnic groups.  We need to do something to STOP it,  because I think that’s one of the main reasons why our country as a whole is falling apart.  In order for all of this to stop and to have our country go back to being great again, racial discrimination needs to be stopped right now and Americans need to stop being so racists, biased, and prejudiced against the other races and ethnic groups that come here to America or that already lives here.  All of this violence that is literally going on every single day can hopefully come to an end and we can all just become friends. If this racial discrimination keeps going on, then that’s more violence and death that we as American citizens have to worry about every single day and parents have to worry about if their children are safe where ever it is that their children are at.  Hopefully when ever more people come here to the United States of America they won’t feel discriminated against. If we fix this problem, then when people from around the world come here to America they won’t have to worry about others telling them to “go back to where they came from”, or “we already have a lot of people here, so we don’t need more of you here”; that would be an incredible place to start and we can all be family and/or friends without all of this racial discrimination going on all the time and I would really appreciate that a whole lot.

Thank You, Charlene Luckenbill ☺