Julie California

Women's Right to Abortion

Every American is subjected to natural rights, which includes the freedom to dictate one's life and decisions. For our government to consider outlawing abortion, it is abolishing the freedom and help that many women need to survive.

Dear future president,

     My name is Julie and I am currently residing in California. Long ago, one of my friends had conceived an unwanted pregnancy. Because she had the option to turn to Planned Parenthood, she was able to surgically remove the fetus. Without the abortion, she would be dealing with the heavy burden of caring for a child when she IS a child. Although there are not many pregnancy incidents that I have witnessed, I firmly believe in the freedom that should remain for women's right to abortion.

    Planned Parenthood provides accessible and affordable contraception, free pregnancy tests, medical care, and treatment for women in need and maybe cannot afford these expenses. The guidance and support delivered by the staff of Planned Parenthood allows for women to feel at ease and receive reassurance to know that they are not alone. Outlawing this organization would essentially desert those in need, neglecting the fact that this pregnancy is unwanted and the mother cannot provide for her baby, thus creating a heavy burden for her to carry. According to UXL Biographies by Faye Wattleton, she lamented the time she realized "...the importance that access to abortion meant for young, poor women. Many of these women disfigured or even killed themselves in back alley abortions because they could not afford a legal abortion." This emphasizes the necessity in keeping Planned Parenthood and other abortion clinics. Outlawing abortion would only cause inconvenience for the nation and outrage to those expressing sympathy for these helpless women. Wattleton had also recalled of a time "...where she came across a beautiful seventeen-year-old girl who died after her mother tried to induce her to abort by inserting a Lysol douche into the girl's uterus." This anecdote is indeed shocking but does not come as a shock to those who are desperate. The desperation of the mother parallels to the importance of keeping abortion available for women across our nation.


                                                                                                                                                                          Julie T.