Destiny D. California

Marijuana legalization!!

Marijuana is a very safe and helpful drug for people.

Dear Future President,

If we legalize marijuana , it can help others with their health issues. This bothers me because some people may be hurting and dying, but the only thing that can help them is marijuana and they aren’t getting it. If all 50 states legalized marijuana, the country will be able to gain at least 3 billion in tax revenue. Proposition 64 is the ballot in California that wants to enable the use of marijuana.

Marijuana is not a harmful drug. It has more positive side effects than negative. In the article ,               “Marijuana is not a Harmful Drug; It is Much Safer than Alcohol and Tobacco”  the article shows how much more safer marijuana is. Cannabis is 114 times less toxic than other legal substances. Marijuana can be used to treat glaucoma, controls epileptic seizures, and it is able to stop cancers from spreading. If we legalize marijuana it can help cure all these things and more. In article it says “ both scientists and federal government have released a good amount of evidence showing that cannabinoids fight certain types of cancer” which shows how marijuana has a positive effect on different types of cancer.

Since 8.7 billion a year is being spent on enforcing laws against marijuana, they can save all that money for more important things. If we don’t legalize medical marijuana then people that are in need of this drug, won’t be able to use this and that may lead to negative outcomes for that person. Marijuana is less harmful than drugs that are legalized already. I would like you to help legalize this drug. If you understand that marijuana is not a harmful drug, it can help people in the future. In order to solve this problem, we can legalize it but only sell to 21 and up. We can also explain to people what this is used for, so the understand that it’s not only to make you feel good.


Destiny D

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