Yasmeen R. California

Beauty kids

Beauty programs shouldn't be allowed for the younger generations but more the adults who can understand who they are being and lettting themselves be.

Dear Mr. President

Hello, I'm Yasmeen Rivera from San Marcos high school California. The current issued that occurred in the U.S society that we allowed Beauty Pageants still run across this nation. Yes, this might seem harmless letting young children get dress up acting like a celebrity. Meanwhile this also lower their self esteem bring less confidence in the future and anxiety.

In this time period, everyone is associated with technology world. Knowing there are impolite people out in the technology world special for children Beauty Pageants. There are some grownups or other children who has a very common TV show Toddlers in Tiaras on TLC. Has shown inappropriate context meaning the young children will ask their parents why can't I look like those kids on the show. Also in USAToday.com had said "hyper-sexaliation" that young kids that is under then the age of 16 shouldn't be allowed on stage to perform a certain way.

As well, majority of the kids are associated with Beauty Pageants does not want to be in the consent rather be a kid and have fun. Specially Toddlers in Tiaras has shown parents saying I didn't forced my child they actually wanted to be here other kids crying tears out to be home. Meanwhile some kids are going crazy trying to be mommy or daddy like perfect child to win the grand prize but couldn't achieve because they weren't cute effort or their outfit wasn't the most glamorous outfit ever. Often some parents goes insane they fight other parents or yelled at there kids saying why weren't you the winner you made me wasted all my time and money for you. Nobody should tell a child that there wasting there time at a Beauty Pageants or at any event.

Then on, This very disgusted has show children that you're not allowed to flaw you have to be perfect and beauty if everything and being smart isn't an option. Also downgrade the children thought of life and growing mind is growing in ugly world. Once I said bring depression and less confidence for the children in the future. For the children appearance many are going to face many damages from there mind and appearance. As in: spray tan, heat damage hair, fake nails, fake teeth "flippers," the standards in how beauty someone needs to be. Yet the world doesn't know what else could damage these poor children .

Well, thank you Mr. President for taking the time to read my letter. Hopefully you can see why this is a common problem we have for this nation. Maybe times will change much more others can see this show others Beauty Pageant aren't so beautiful but more created damage in the children eye.


Yasmeen Rivera