Hung H.

Low-Wage Jobs

How Low-Wage Jobs can lead to conflict.

Dear Mr. President,

An estimate of about 30 million workers here in the U.S. are stuck as a low-wage workers, we need to help low-status employees by building and organizing their companies and providing good leadership.

I’ve been here in the U.S. as a resident for nearly 3 years. I’m in middle school, my sister is working at part time job and my mom has to do the same because she does not yet have a career. My mom is in college, working her way up to set her career as nurse. The reason why my mom is still working at part time job is that she needs to gather enough money (that includes my sister’s money) and to send my sister to college. They haven’t work at the part time job place for a long time so they’re currently facing low payments in their job, it’s not because they’re low-skilled or lazy at the job, it’s because how other people at the workplace is bad at expressing their respect. This is one of the things that affects my mom and sister, if going further it might affect me. People are earning less than $9 an hour in between the age of 18 and 64. Which means anybody, including your friends, your friend’s family or even your own family can have this problem.

Low-wage employees often receive little respect by other employers, making them feel bad instead of encouraging them to do better. Also, some employees usually bring themselves down by behaving badly towards other. Meaning, they will get into arguments with their customers, competing against other employers(rivalry), even having fights with their boss. It’s the lack of respect towards other people, so it’s the people’s fault for their behavior with the others, and to this we need a good leader to lead the company, giving good ideas and good examples. The outcome of this issue is even worse than you think. They might commit suicide, causes by those employers who make them feel like there is no point of living their lives anymore. The employees quit their jobs, which translates to a loss of 385 million working days in the U.S. each year. This also includes killing people, people end each other’s life with their own hand as a revenge or just because they hate each other so much that it comes to Life and Death matters.

These employees could be anybody and they need someone to encourage them to become better. Please Mr. President, this is a danger to a lot of people, just one wrong move then they will end up in debt and low payments. I hope this is going to change.